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Friday, February 14, 2003  

Drools and Dribbles From the Right-Wing Media

“NURSE RATCHED, PLEASE CALL THE FRONT DESK”: In case you missed it earlier, here’s a track of Fox News nut Bill O’Reilly having some sort of psychotic episode, on the air, no less. (The Sacred and Inane has the transcript, here.)

This guy still has a job?

This guy is not hospitalized?

Enjoy, America. This is your media.

[Post-publication addendum (February 17): You will find a video of O’Reilly’s deranged, demented, dissembling, and disgraceful performance -- “Shut up! Shut up!” “Cut his mike! Cut his mike!” -- at eMedia Mill Works.

[Professor Glick’s post-interview remarks can be heard at Democracy Now.

[Thanks to reader Daniel Sellari who wisely urges looking into the work of Soundbitten’s Greg Beato, for which this is a good starting point.]


“LET ME KISS IT AND MAKE IT ALL BETTER”: Here’s Howard Kurtz licking the butt of everyone’s favorite Fox News racist, the aforementioned O’Reilly:

There’s no one better than Bill O'Reilly when it comes to beating up on people. And he has a long list of targets.

Jesse Jackson, for starters. Hillary Clinton. The ACLU. Left-wing professors. Hollywood. Bill Moyers. Immigration authorities. Liberal pundits. VH1.

Not to mention “the pinheads who run the establishment press.” [Insert pre-recorded track of Rush Limbaugh-like guffaws here.]

Yeah. And “wetbacks.”

Funny, isn’t it, how that “long list of targets” so closely parallels Howie’s own? Except Howie, I’m sure, doesn’t consider himself one of “the pinheads who run the establishment press.”

Oh, no! Not at all. Poor marginalized Howie Kurtz, cheerleading the right wing from such obscure outlets as the Washington Post and CNN. He’s just your average-Joe pinhead.


BACKTRACKING: The New York Sun, which last week called for the city’s police department to follow every anti-war protester in preparation for filing charges of treason, appears to have stepped back a bit from that stance.

In an editorial published Tuesday, February 11, written in response to a decision handed down by Judge Barbara Jones of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, the Sun said, “Nothing in her opinion was directed at the bona fides of the anti-war protesters themselves, many, even most of whom are no doubt well-meaning New Yorkers.”

But well-meaningly treasonous, I suppose.


WITH TWO YOU GET MICHAEL KELLY: Gee whiz, if the Washingtonian, the restaurant guide of the nation’s capital, has figured out how far to the right the Washington Post has swung, why can’t the right wing see it?


WHAT A MESS: Speaking of Michael Kelly, does anyone doubt he submits his columns, including his latest scribblings, on paper covered with chili stains?

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