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Saturday, March 08, 2003  

The Agonist Switches Sides

Sean-Paul Kelley, of The Agonist, a prominent liberal blogger and foreign-policy specialist who generally has supported the Bush administration's planned war on Iraq, switched sides today, and in a brief post -- "Throwing in the Towel" -- declares himself in opposition.

Welcome to the side of truth and light, Mr. Kelley.

[Post-publication addendum: I see that Kevin Drum of CalPundit also has given up on the Bush administration: "I still believe strongly that we need a tough-minded long-term policy aimed at eradicating terrorism and modernizing the Arab world (among others) — and that this policy should include the use of force where necessary — but not this time. This is the gang that couldn't shoot straight."]

[Post-publication addendum (March 9): Kelley's change in course is explained in greater detail in a post entitled, "The Agony of a Liberal Hawk."]

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