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Wednesday, March 26, 2003  

With Rittenhouse Reader Susan Madrak

For several weeks now, months perhaps, the Philadelphia Inquirer has been running a series entitled, "Conversations on War," man/woman on the street-type interviews with everyday Philadelphians. The series has been uneven, sometimes interesting and thoughtful, sometimes not.

Today's interview, by the Inquirer's Murray Dubin, is with a woman named Susan Madrak of nearby Bensalem, Pa.

I point this out not only because Madrak is so obviously one of the most thoughtful of those interviewed by the Inquirer so far, but because she also is a reader of, and correspondent to, The Rittenhouse Review and TRR: The Lighter Side of Rittenhouse. And I learned from the interview that she has launched her own weblog, Suburban Guerilla.

Madrak is intelligent, articulate, outspoken, and opinionated.

She's the typical Rittenhouse reader. Enjoy.

[Post-publication addendum (April 1): See "Murray Dubin Writes," Letters to The Rittenhouse Review, April 1, 2003.]

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