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Saturday, March 22, 2003  

Look Who's Linking To TRR: The Lighter Side of Rittenhouse

All too many of my colleagues within the blogosphere have demonstrated a strange, inexplicable even, disinclination to link to my secondary blog, or annex, TRR: The Lighter Side of Rittenhouse.

I have no idea why this is, or whether I should offended. I work pretty hard at the site and I think it's quite a good blog, and yet it's overlooked, ignored, and disregarded.

With the slight of my fellow bloggers in mind, I direct you to the weblogs of those writers wise and prescient enough to have linked to TRR. I hope you will visit them now and often:


Exposing the Right

Go Fish

Long Story; Short Pier

Mad Kane's Notables



Paradox 1x: Philly Blogs

Pennsylvania Gazette

Plucky Punk's Happy Land

Roger Ailes

Ruminate This

Scoobie Davis Online

Sisyphus Shrugged

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

Sugar, Mr. Poon?


VanitySite (Zizka)

WTF Is It Now?

You know, I just might start taking this personally. I might even have to start keeping track.

[Note: The post was published earlier today in a slightly different form at TRR: The Lighter Side of Rittenhouse.]

[Post-publication addendum (March 24): Additional links added as new links to TRR are created or existing links are brought to my attention.]

[Post-publication addendum (March 24): Wait, I know! If I don't raise 80 thousand dollars, like, right now, I'm just going to stomp my little steroid-shrunken feet, throw myself a little Briton-oid tantrum, and shut the whole thing down. So there! You'll be sorry! And so much for the improvements to my Cape Cod condo, eh? And you know what that means, don't you? It means...Well, it means...I might HAVE TO GET A REAL JOB!]

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