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Tuesday, March 11, 2003  

Donald Rumsfeld's Latest Braggadoccio

An excerpt from a transcript of today's a media briefing orchestrated by Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld and Gen. Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

Q: Sir, support for a possible war is shrinking rapidly in Great Britain. Would the -- two questions. Would the United States go to war without Great Britain? And two, would the role of the British in an initial assault be scaled back?

Rumsfeld: This is a matter that most of the senior officials in the government discuss with the U.K. on a daily or every-other-day basis. And I had a good visit with the Minister of Defense of the U.K. about an hour ago. Their situation is distinctive to their country, and they have a government that deals with a parliament in their way, distinctive way. And what will ultimately be decided is unclear as to their role; that is to say, their role in the event that a decision is made to use force. There's the second issue of their role in a post-Saddam Hussein reconstruction process or stabilization process, which would be a different matter. And I think until we know what the resolution is, we won't know the answer as to what their role will be and to the extent they're able to participate in the event the President decides to use force, that would obviously be welcomed. To the extent they're not, there are workarounds and they would not be involved, at least in that phase of it.

Q: We would consider going to war without our closest ally, then?

Rumsfeld: That is an issue that…President [George W. Bush] will be addressing in the days ahead, one would assume.

We truly are about to become alone in the world.

God help us, every one.

Damned democracies! All that "procedure" getting in the way of us manly war-like studs!

We truly are about to become alone in the world.

God help us, every one.

[Post-publication addendum: For the latest on British Prime Minister Tony Blair's future, see "British Dissent Over an Iraq War Imperils Blair's Political Future," by Alan Cowell. As for the much ballyhooed and totally over-hyped "Anglo-American domination of every friggin' corner of the whole damned universe that ticks off even a single neo-conservative or right-wing nut," well, for that it's over to you, Andy. Spin that, you little freak.]

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