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Monday, April 14, 2003  

The Rittenhouse Review Celebrates Its First Anniversary

A year ago today, on April 14, 2002, The Rittenhouse Review was born, or created, or established, or began making itself known, or what have you.

This entire venture has turned into something far larger than I ever would have imagined at the time. The Review may not have taken over my life -- yet, anyway -- but it has become a fairly significant part of my life and the way I spend my days. And that, I think, has mostly been a good thing.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this day possible and who have made the past year, for the most part, an enjoyable experience: the regular readers and the occasional visitors; those who sent along a kind or encouraging word; the writers and cartoonists more successful than I who urged me to keep at it; and even my critics, from the bombastic, to the uniformed, to the egotistical, to the constructive.

It's people like you, all of you, that keep me from throwing in the towel on this decidedly unprofitable endeavor. Thanks again.

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