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Friday, May 02, 2003  

"America's Most Wanted" to Air Case on Saturday

Someone's finally listening.

The Savannah Morning News reports today that the FOX program "America's Most Wanted" will feature the case of Ashleigh Moore, 12, of Savannah, Ga., on its program tomorrow night, Saturday, May 3.

Moore has been missing for two weeks. [Ed.: See "Ashleigh Moore is Missing," April 29.]

Today's SMN again reports investigators suspect foul play, though no one has been charged in the case and Savannah police have not named any suspects.

Among those not named is Bobby Buckner, the live-in boyfriend of Miss Moore's mother. Although his car was searched, Savannah police have said little about any aspect of the investigation related to Buckner. However, Buckner has been arrested for violating the terms of his probation, specifically, being alone with girls under the age of 16, related to a prior conviction.

According to police spokesman Bucky Burnsed authorities next plan to search waterways and estuaries near areas already searched using underwater cameras and waterborne side-scanning sonar. The SMN article does not say whether such technology was used during the first search.

Ashleigh Moore
Savannah, Ga.

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