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Friday, May 02, 2003  

Bear With Me, I'm Slowly Catching Up

Throughout my home there are stacks of magazines and journals, as well as articles printed from the web, all of which I continue to swear I will get to one day.

They're in my office, in the living room, on the nightstand, in the dining area, even in the kitchen. I have fallen very far behind in my reading, so far that I care not to hazard a guess as to how many individual issues are laying about, let alone how many words are contained within their pages.

One advantage, though, of falling behind in one's reading is that it makes going through the stacks more efficient. How many articles about Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's hubris can one read, after all?

Regardless, last night I read an outstanding article in what may or may not be from the latest issue of The Nation -- I'd have to go through five or six piles to make that determination -- that was at once so brilliant and so scary that I knew I would have to blog about it today.

Well, this morning I discovered to my dismay that while the article "Rolling Back the 20th Century," by The Nation's national affairs correspondent, William Greider, is from the May 12 issue, it was posted on the web on April 24.

That's eight days ago, roughly equivalent to a decade in the blogosphere and a certain indication that dozens of bloggers -- you know, the kind that weren't, like me, always finishing their homework during homeroom -- already have cited the article.

My belated discovery of this essay notwithstanding, I shall press forth and exhort you: If you read nothing else today, read Greider's masterful article. (Tempting bonus: Truly frightening Grover Norquist quotes.)

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