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Wednesday, May 14, 2003  

Whatever Happened To?

Say, whatever happened to Ruth Shalit?

It's a fair question these days, given the Andrew Sullivan's mad ravings about Howell Raines, Jayson Blair, and the New York Times.

Seeking an answer, I did what any good blogger would do: I "Googled" her.

There's a lot to sort through there, and it's getting late, but it looks like Shalit dropped off the face of the earth some time around 1999. Could that be true? A disgraced writer riding off into the sunset? Not begging for her fourth, fifth, or whatever chance she might have thought she was due?

If anyone knows whether and where, or for whom, this once highly protected, repeatedly indulged, and unwarrantedly coddled protégé of Andrew Sullivan is now writing, please drop a line.

Perhaps she's writing a book? That is, after all, the latest thing among former New Republic plagiarists and fabricators.

[Post-publication note: Edited for tone in the light of day.]

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