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Monday, May 19, 2003  

"Beautiful Prose Stylists" on the Right

In need of a good laugh?

Follow TBogg's link to this blogging hilarity:

Part of the disparity also seems to lie in subject matter. The four top lefty bloggers focus pretty exclusively on political or [a]dministration news. The six top "righties" -- InstaPundit (France, nanotech, "crushing of dissent"), Sullivan ([t]he New York Times, gay rights), Volokh (law), LGF (Arafat), Lileks (life), and Den Beste (general global strategy) -- are all beautiful prose stylists.

"Beautiful prose stylists?" Professor InstaLinker? LGF? Den Beste?

I suppose if one makes a living toiling for the rigid and doctrinaire American Enterprise Institute, as does the blogger who wrote and published these strange words, the rambling discourses and uninformative snippets offered up by these right-wing bloggers might strike one as eloquent -- the works of my friends Joshua Muravchik (newly grandfathered, not with respect to our friendship, but in terms of progeny) and Mark Falcoff, both resident at AEI, exempt from the criticism, of course.

The post to which TBogg links, taken as a whole, makes me wonder how much genuine literature some right-wing bloggers actually have read.

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