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Thursday, June 12, 2003  

Grass-Roots Activist Promotes My Possible Senate Campaign

There’s a new “ad” out in the blogosphere promoting my possible, though increasingly unlikely, U.S. Senate campaign, designed and paid for by none other than the creepy, foul-mouthed, and thoroughly unoriginal and uninteresting blogger who for weeks now has been engaged in a futile effort to buy his way into prominence and respectability.

Actually, the “ad” is almost clever, albeit in a juvenile, grammar-school kind of way. The photo in the “ad” is, of course, not me. I don’t wear yellow. Ever. And the gentleman pictured is obviously considerably older than I.

If you happen to see it, be advised that I did not design, place, or pay for this unauthorized “ad.”

I’m flattered to have so captivated this little cretin’s mind. I have no explanation for it, but I really am touched. And I’ll bet that bugs the hell out of him.

But gee whiz, does this guy need a life, or what? Or a real hobby on which to drop his worthless Canadian dimes? How about taking your wife out to dinner or something, pal? Or is she just as happy to see you writing your swamp-pile from the darkest and dampest recesses of your basement, thereby offering her lengthy and much-needed breaks from your snarling stupidity?

[Post-publication addendum (June 12): My buddy Jesse Taylor of Pandagon has some valuable comments on this subject today.]

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