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Thursday, July 24, 2003  

What Have I Done?

Uh-oh. I feel like I’ve spawned the demon seed, or whatever that phrase is.

A friend is hard at work creating a new blog. As he puts it, “the baby is still in its crib, so don’t strangle it yet,” meaning, I suppose, that he’s not quite prepared for the torrent of abuse and invective associated with the project.

As such, I’ll have to restrain myself from sending you in that direction. At least for now. Suffice it to say, the blogosphere may soon enjoy the snarkiness of yet another seething liberal-left Philadelphian.

Now if I could only get B.P. to start her blog. (Okay, so B.P. doesn’t live in Philadelphia. And I’m not even sure she’s “liberal left.” But I do know that once she starts talking, you can’t make her -- Oops! -- she makes a lot of sense.) Oh, and then there’s C.M.K., another woman I’m trying to get blogging. That will be a Philadelphia blog. She’s “liberal left,” but I’m guessing her blog, should it emerge, won’t be overly political.

[Post-publication addendum (Warning: Self-referential -- Is there really any other kind? -- and misanthropic blogging ahead.): I can empathize with TBogg’s plight as expressed in the post to which I linked above. It’s like when friends urge me to attend this or that event, party, or gathering: “You should go. It’ll be fun. You’ll meet some new people.” Sounds like hell on earth, actually. Look, face it: I already know more people than I want to know.]

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