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Wednesday, July 16, 2003  

“I Did Jolly Well Good, Didn’t I, George?”

United Kingdomish Prime Minister Tony Blair -- a/k/a “The Poodle,” and could there be anything more emasculating than being referred to as President George W. Bush’s “poodle”? -- will be in Washington tomorrow, his visit to include a speech to a joint session of Congress as he receives, inexplicably, the Congressional Gold Medal, and otherwise grovels at the feet of the ne’er do well currently occupying the Oval Office.

On everyone’s mind as Blair heads for the U.S.: the Bush administration’s lies about Iraq and yellowcake from Africa.

The Christian Science Monitor reports in tomorrow’s edition (“Test for Blair’s ‘Loyalty’ Strategy,” by Howard LaFranchi and Mark Rice-Oxley):

Bush can hardly relish the focus Blair’s visit places on the intelligence controversy. Blair, meanwhile -- already under attack at home -- will be looking for help from his friend George while seeking to show constituents there is daylight between the two countries.

Yeah, about as much daylight as can be seen between two hairy butts kissing each other over a thick strip of latex.

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