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Wednesday, August 06, 2003  

No . . . Lower Than That
No . . . Think Even Lower!

Imagine being so little, so small, so emasculated, so insignificant, so disgusting, so Canadian, and such a Meryl Yourish ass kisser (As if that were a noble endeavor!), that you thought you had the strength, wisdom, intelligence, and perspicacity to go after the likes of someone like Teresa Nielsen Hayden, of Making Light, a brilliant woman, one of the best bloggers ever, and one whose feet you are unworthy of scrubbing.

Such is, or was, the delusion today of the part-time (thankfully!) and presumably completely unemployed, thoroughly disgraceful, and mysteriously espoused blogger widely known around the blogosphere, as the “sewer rat.”

Imagine being so poor a writer, so unoriginal a “thinker,” so pathetic a human being -- and I’m being generous there -- that one would feel proud of oneself for going half-cocked -- and I mean that -- about a woman who has more original thoughts before breakfast than you’ve had in your entire dopey life, and then, of all things, stealing and reproducing her own photograph, with no credit provided whatsoever.

It’s true. The sewer rat did that.

As my sister Connie says, “I hate talk radio. It gives a voice to people who don’t deserve one.” To which I responded, “Yes, but so does blogging.”

Blog away, sewer rat. Sadly, I guess we’ll all have to live with it.

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