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Monday, August 11, 2003  

Test Your Language Proficiency

While perusing the always interesting, often stimulating, blog Silt, written by my thoughtful and generous friend “Vaara,” I was directed to the foreign language proficiency tests offered on the web by Transparent Language.

Vaara, who is a professional, and obviously gifted, linguist, recorded impressive scores on nine of TL’s exams (French, Russian, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Japanese, and English), his results good enough to share publicly with deserved pride.

Although I’m only an amateur and not-so-gifted linguist, I’m feeling challenged. So when my head is a little less foggy -- long, ponderous, and hilarious, yet shamefully alcohol-laden, phone conversation with Lisa English of Ruminate This last night -- I’m going to test my proficiency in German, Italian, French, Dutch, and Swedish. (Oh, and English, too.)

I can’t promise I’ll share the results. I mean, what if I do badly? Could my infamous ego handle the blow? We’ll see.

[Post-poublication addendum (Augsut 12): She -- Lisa English -- said it, I didn’t. But I might have. Under the mildest of duress.]

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