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Thursday, September 11, 2003  

Bush-Cheney Re-election Campaign Slogans

It seems the headquarters of the Republican National Committee is leaking like a sieve. Someone apparently got their hands on the slogans under consideration for the 2004 re-election campaign, and the list is making the rounds on the internet.

Actually, I don’t know where this list originated, but thanks to Professor Pinkerton for sending it along.

Bush/Cheney `04: Apocalypse Now!
Bush/Cheney `04: Because the Truth Just Isn’t Good Enough
Bush/Cheney `04: Compassionate Colonialism
Bush/Cheney `04: Deja-Voodoo All Over Again!
Bush/Cheney `04: Four More Wars!
Bush/Cheney `04: Leave No Billionaire Behind
Bush/Cheney `04: Lies and Videotape But No Sex!
Bush/Cheney `04: Or Else.
Bush/Cheney `04: Over a Billion Whoppers Served
Bush/Cheney `04: Putting the “Con” in Conservatism
Bush/Cheney `04: Thanks for Not Paying Attention
Bush/Cheney `04: The Economy’s Stupid!
Bush/Cheney `04: The Last Vote You’ll Ever Have to Cast
Bush/Cheney `04: This Time, Elect Us!
Bush/Cheney `04: We’re Gooder!
Bush/Cheney: 1984 Now
George W. Bush: A Brainwave Away From the Presidency
George W. Bush: It Takes a Village Idiot
George W. Bush: The Buck Stops Over There
George W. Bush: Let Them Eat Yellowcake! Vote Bush!
George W. Bush: Peace & Prosperity Suck -- Big-Time!
Vote Bush in `04: “I Has Incumbentory Advantitude”
Vote Bush in `04: “Because Every Vote Counts -- For me!”
Vote Bush in `04: “Because I’m the President, That’s Why!”
Vote Bush in `04: Because Dictatorship is Easier
Vote Bush in `04: Who Would Jesus Bomb?

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