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Tuesday, September 30, 2003  

Together With Miscellany

It’s official. The Justice Department this morning launched a full-scale criminal investigation into the Bush White House’s involvement in the exposure of a CIA officer . . . CNN’s Tucker Carlson calls the gang at Fox News “a mean, sick group of people.” [Post-publication insertion: Read a reminiscence about Carlson from Charles Pierce, posted today at Eric Alterman’s Altercation] . . . Richard Cohen wonders about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s self-respect (Pull quote: “Either he did what he said, which is disgusting and unmanly, or he made it up, which is disgusting and unmanly.” Bonus celebrity references: “Nowadays we have the pathetic examples of Ben Affleck, who is often dressed like a homeless person, and his on-and-off-again fiancée, the tawdry Jennifer Lopez.”) . . . California Republicans endorse Schwarzenegger . . . Are you better off than you were two years ago? . . . Are your family and neighbors and the strangers across town? . . . Sen. Robert Graham (D-Fla.) goes on the offensive in his presidential campaign . . . Cashing in: “A group of businessmen linked by their close ties to President Bush, his family and his administration have set up a consulting firm to advise companies that want to do business in Iraq, including those seeking pieces of taxpayer-financed reconstruction projects.” Just one group? . . . Joe Queenan gets all snotty and stuff about how great New York is.

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