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Tuesday, September 09, 2003  

Clean Up Your Act, Folks

Look, people, we’ve all heard about this “worm” virus and the havoc it has wreaked, and continues to wreak, on the e-mail systems of internet users throughout the world, for what, like three weeks or something?

So why do I continue to receive massive amounts of worm-generated e-mail in the Rittenhouse account?

If you’re so clueless that you haven’t yet figured out your P.C. has been infected, you don’t belong on the internet. Take that for what it’s worth, and in the meantime, get the damn thing off your computer. It takes, like, two minutes.

It’s interesting, though, some of the people from whom I’ve received worm-generated e-mails in recent weeks.

I’m not going to name any names or anything, but . . . Oh, what the hell. I’ll tell you that Los Angeles Times “editor” Mary Arno and pseudo-and-not-recently-seen columnist Norah Vincent come quickest to mind on this score. As you might expect, I’m not surprised.

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