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Thursday, September 11, 2003  

Joe Hoeffel For Senate 2004

Okay, so the tip box over on the sidebar at right isn’t exactly ringing off the hook.

That’s fine, but in the absence of additional “ka-chings,” I may soon find myself throwing an Andrew Sullivan-like fit, threatening to take all my marbles (or what remain thereof) and go home, and pout, and stomp my feet, and fuss, and cry, and dream about hairy bears and stuff.

Ah . . . and to make things worse, I may even write about such things.

Hell, like Sullivan, I may even throw my own self-pitying Jerry Lewis-style “telethon,” begging for contributions to fix up the seaside condo that, in my case, I don’t own, or perhaps the in-town pied-à-terre that, again in my case, I also don’t own.

Listen, this is a guy, Sullivan I mean, who collects well over $100,000 in two separate pleas for donations and still claims not to be taking “a salary.”

Yeah, right. I hope you’re not buying that crap.

Anyway . . . If you don’t want to hit the tip box, and that’s perfectly fine, please give at least some thought to making a contribution to the campaign of Rep. Joseph M. Hoeffel (D-Pa.).

Hoeffel has stepped up to the plate and is challenging the despicable Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) in the latter’s unspeakably undeserving re-election campaign.

Call: (215) 884-2100.

Or write: Hoeffel for Senate Committee, 610 Harper Ave., Jenkintown, Pa. 19046.

You’ll be glad you did.

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