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Wednesday, October 29, 2003  

Right-Wingers and Their Lawyerly Friends

Since you’ve probably already read about this nonsense, this particular post is sort of like preaching to the choir or reporting old news to the already informed or something, but it appears Atrios, he of Eschaton fame, is being harassed by purported economist Donald L. Luskin of National Review Online, an appropriately named weblog, Poor & Stupid, and something called Trend Macrolytics L.L.C. (apparently not a weight-loss clinic), along with attorneys for same, namely, Jeffrey J. Upton of and with Hanify & King P.C., Boston.

For all their rants about the evils of trial lawyers, right-wingers sure love their attorneys, don’t they? Always ready to trot them out or threaten to do so when their feelings are hurt, their foibles are uncovered, their inadequacies are exposed, or their hypocrisies are revealed. (Cf. “Norah Vincent Cannot Have It Both Ways,” The Rittenhouse Review, December 19, 2002.)

Drop by Eschaton and see the full fury of a right-winger exposed, his barenakedness revealed through the painful attempts of his noble esquire, the aforementioned Upton, at erudition, an effort that merely results in a string of cries, complaints, whines, and near tears over, get this, asserted “numerous libelous statements regarding Mr. Luskin,” “false assertions” regarding same, “libel per se,” “an actionable tort,” “actual and punitive damages,” “libelous comments,” “personal liability,” “[d]etermining your identity for the purpose of making service of process,” “making false and defamatory statements of alleged fact,” “threaten[ing] physical violence,” and “utterly reckless.”

Ridiculous. I mean, really ridiculous. The man is, at the very least, obsessed. Lawyers of the blogosphere: Pounce!

(By the way, speaking of National Review Online, the Mighty Reason Man of Very Very Happy has a smart post up demonstrating that the NRO Corner’s resident cafeteria lady, Kathryn Jean Lopez, really is as much of an idiot as you always thought she was. Oh, and he gives James Lileks, who wrote like one funny thing in his life, a few collected doodles about food I think, something that remarkably resembles “The Rittenhouse Treatment,” if I must say so myself.)

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