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Wednesday, October 01, 2003  

Together With Miscellany

Republican political consultant Frank Luntz says: “Americans don’t want to hear about the Holocaust anymore, and they particularly don’t want to hear it from the Jewish community.” Um, huh? . . . The Joseph Wilson affair reportedly has the White House under siege from, believe it or not, news reporters . . . Arnold Schwarzenegger is said to be confident of victory in the California recall/gubernatorial race . . . Arianna Huffington ended her campaign, but you knew that already . . . What’s his stand on ________. Who cares? . . . Washington Times columnist Suzanne Fields is a lunatic (you knew that already), but in her latest column she alerts readers to the nefarious influence of a man with whom she shares space on the Times op-ed page, Andrew Sullivan, calling him “the self-declared homosexual blogger” and providing this risible Sullivanism for anyone who missed it: “Which real Californian wouldn’t vote for someone with a body like that?” . . . General Wesley K. Clark is suddenly very popular in Hollywood . . . I knew Mayor Michael Bloomberg (R-N.Y.) would turn out to be a great big disappointment . . . Wonder what lurks repressed in the deep recesses of the minds of kids like this . . . And why the skeletons of two women were found buried near the grounds of the Hillside School in Marlborough, Massachusetts . . . At last check, 14 percent of those participating in an online poll hosted by ESPN agree with racist slob Rush Limbaugh. Testing the waters before they respond, I guess. (Link thanks to Hesiod.) . . . Pope John Paul II is sticking with his schedule, but, gee whiz, he doesn’t sound so good.

[Note: Last two items added after initial publication.]

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