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Thursday, October 09, 2003  

Together With Miscellany

Will someone, maybe the FBI or the Justice Department, explain why the bureau planted listening devices in the office of Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street (D), a man locked neck-and-neck in a rematch with the politically inexperienced and not-all-that-civic-minded businessman, former school board member (attendance record: abysmal), and Indian gaming honcho Sam Katz (R)? Is this a legitimate investigation into corruption by associates of Street or a politically motivated campaign to discredit the mayor? I’m not sure, but until today I was undecided heading toward next month’s election. Until I learn more, I know who I’m voting for . . . President George W. Bush plans to be bench-pressed by incoming California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Anything for some help in the polls . . . Iraqi Dowager Princess Condoleezza Rice gets all assertive and stuff, sending Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld into an embarrassing hissy fit . . . Former Vermont governor and presidential aspirant Howard Dean keeps up the pressure on the wreckage that goes by the name of “the Bush administration” . . . Heard a great report on Vatican Radio today about the appalling human rights violations occurring in the Congo. But then, you knew about that already, since Jeanne d’Arc of Body & Soul has been all over that story for months . . . By the way, if you think Kathryn Jean Lopez reads like an idiot at National Review Online, you should hear the drivel she spews on Vatican Radio. I don’t know, I thought self-mortification went out of style sometime in the 16th century . . . Anyone seen or heard from Norah Vincent lately? Never heard of her? Thin-skinned, “libertarian pro-life lesbian,” with a really cranky girlfriend, who used to jot down a few rambling thoughts once a week for the Los Angeles Times . . . On the bastard German children of Charles Lindbergh . . . The Navy’s use of powerful sonar systems is apparently killing whales . . . Archie, Jughead, Veronica, Betty, et al., the focus of an anti-drug campaign aimed at today’s teenagers? Tell me this isn’t a joke . . . Walking disaster area and, in some circles, suspected murderess, Courtney Love faces drug charges after allegedly breaking into a Los Angeles home . . . Most priests I’ve known are good people, but I’ll admit some are just nuts.

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