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Thursday, November 20, 2003  

And Sullivan Gets Burned

This is great stuff. The “stuff” that regular readers of blogs have come to expect from the blogosphere, and exactly the type of not-at-all timid “stuff” that you never will read in the “mainstream media.”

It comes from Baltimore blogger Bruce Garrett of The Story So Far, a kind and generous friend of mine, and it’s about Andrew Sullivan, the Log Cabin Republican who swears he’s not a Republican, but who is a certifiable right winger nonetheless, and one about whom I would say lives in the loggiest of such cabins except that he owns not one, but two, decidedly non-log-cabin-type properties, the upkeep -- and enhancement -- of which has been funded by his deluded readers.

Garrett writes, in “South Carolina[,] Andrew. You Saw It There. And You Still Embraced Him. Remember That Moment?”:

You’re Bush’s lawn jockey[,] Andrew. If you can’t walk away from his gallery of useful idiots now, you never will. Never. Come next election day you’ll be stumping for a man determined to eliminate every possibility of any small shred of legal recognition for same sex couples, and busily vilifying the one who said he would at least support some form of civil unions, if not marriage outright. Go find Fred Phelps and give him a kiss[,] Andrew, because his fixation and hatred of homosexuals mirrors exactly yours of [D]emocrats and liberals, right down to the grim determination to hold onto it, even when it’s cutting your own throat.

All your words, all your fine noble words about same[-]sex marriage, and the rights and dignity of gay and lesbian people, and even if you really meant every word of it, that still wouldn’t make a whit of difference, since you can’t bring yourself to act like you meant any of it. You hate [D]emocrats too much, and value the sacred and righteous love between same[-]sex lovers not enough, to make a difference in the fight to secure that love.

Ouch. Even if you’re into pain, that’s just gotta’ hurt.

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