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Thursday, November 20, 2003  

Whose Daughter Is She Anyway?

Many long have thought, with considerable justification, that “The Corner,” the weblog of National Review, was occupied by nothing more than a socially misfit group of juvenile dunces -- lots of seventh-grade-era jokes about girls, and fags, and hippies, and stuff -- and I wholeheartedly agreed.

I try to avoid the site, but lately I’ve found myself going back there, what with my school-boy crush on John Derbyshire and all that, and the blog’s remarkable resemblance to a just-gotta-look-at-it, eight-car pile-up on I-95, southbound, somewhere near Chester, Pa.

Just today I swore off it, but Ezra Klein of Pandagon pulled me back for just another look out my rearview mirror, whereupon I found, well, more of the same, except that the supervisors of the kids in the corner -- including the strangely revered cafeteria lady, Kathryn Jean Lopez Lopez, the same woman who, for some reason, has a 1,500-word bit of incomprehensible and pointless drool in the latest issue of the National Catholic Register (Whose daughter is she?) -- are cheering them on with a fervor otherwise reserved for encouraging bulk purchases of Richard Lowry’s latest scribblings.

What a mess.

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