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Tuesday, November 11, 2003  

But Where’s the Cash?

Today marks the first anniversary of the establishment and creation of one of the best political and economic sites in the blogosphere: the incomparable Wampum.

“Wampum,” by the way, is, I think, Indian for money. But my good friend Mary Beth Williams, the founder, editor, publisher, and proprietor of Wampum, isn’t in it for the money.

After all, who’s blogging for the cold hard cash? Frankly, nobody is. (Oh, sorry, I keep forgetting Andy and his apparently truly needy homes in Washington, D.C., and Provincetown, Mass.)

M.B., with whom I recently had the pleasure of sharing dinner, is in this “for the love of it,” as they say, or used to say, making her “an amateur” in the truest and most revered sense of that term. But if ever there were a pro at all this, a pro toward whose well established benchmarks every blogger should aspire, it’s M.B.

Congratulations, Mary Beth!

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