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Wednesday, November 26, 2003  

Testing (Unscientifically) the Appeal of Books & Book Covers

This is a two-part survey, and your participation, while entirely voluntary and wholly unremunerated, is greatly appreciated.

First, take a quick look at the miniature reproductions of the three dozen or so books offered for sale at and pre-selected by Rittenhouse (which, by the way, gets a small percentage of the pretax, pre-shipping total on all of your Amazon purchases if you start your shopping trip here) shown in the sidebar at right.

For now, look just at the covers, mind you, and put aside as best you can what you know or have heard about the books themselves and/or their authors (if anything).

And then choose which three books, which covers actually, you would expect to have generated the most traffic from Rittenhouse to Amazon over the past seven weeks.

Second, disregarding the cover designs to the greatest extent possible, and basing your determination on what you know or have heard about the books and/or their authors (if anything), the general range and tenor of coverage of contemporary issues at Rittenhouse, and what you might think would be of greatest interest to the typical Rittenhouse reader (assuming there is such a thing), choose the three books you would expect to have driven the most traffic from here to Amazon during the past seven weeks.

If you have a moment -- and it’s the day before Thanksgiving, tell me anything is happening at the office today -- send your selections, which will be tabulated but held in confidence, to The Rittenhouse Review.

This could be interesting. Or not, but let’s try it anyway.

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