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Monday, November 03, 2003  

What Has Atrios Done?
Or…What Have They Done to Atrios?

Atrios’s 72 hours are up.

The 72 hours, that is, that were outlined by Donald L. Luskin’s paralegal friends at Hanify & King P.C.

I hope he, Atrios I mean, didn’t cave.

To be honest, I’m sure he didn’t cave.

The question now is, will National Review decide that even Luskin is too embarrassing a “thinker” to host on their pages?

Doubtful. After all, they still have such lesser lights as Rod Dreher, David Frum, Frank Gaffney Jr., Robert A. George, James Glassman, Jonah Goldberg, Jeffrey Hart, Stanley Kurtz, Michael Ledeen, Kathryn Jean Lopez Lopez, Rich Lowrey, Jay Nordlinger, Kate O’Beirne, John Podhoretz, and so many other really scary but well connected freaks, on the payroll.

Why should they care?

What is that about, anyway? I mean, that kind of psycho-nutso masthead was cute and funny, at least to right-wingers with checkbooks overflowing with misguided largesse, when the Dartmouth Review started up, and it even amuses when one views today the who’s who of the Heritage Foundation, but to the extent NR’s current crop of poorly educated, frat-house-farting, and otherwise immature clowns are supposed to represent the, ahem, collective legacy of William F. Buckley Jr., well, it’s downright embarrassing for everyone involved.

I know, I know, Pat drinks. And so does Bill. But that much?

[Post-publication addendum: Uh-oh. Atrios is doing that “I’m Sid Blumenthal” thing again, I guess for the benefit of the likes of the thoroughly duped, including Mickey Kaus and InstaLinker. People, we’ve discussed this before, haven’t we?]

[Post-publication addendum: Paragraph four of this post, which states, in its entirety, “To be honest, I’m sure he didn’t cave,” is based solely on my assessment of Atrios’s character and not on any inside information about this particular matter, which I have not discussed with Atrios since Thursday, October 30.]

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