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Monday, December 22, 2003  

Sullivan Slyly Chastises Krauthammer

It looks like another outbreak of the “maidenly vapors” hit Provinceton, Mass., this morning.

Pot-bellied testosterone abuser Andrew Sullivan is angry with -- who else? -- the New York Times, accusing the paper of misrepresenting the president’s position on a constitutional amendment to “protect” heterosexual marriage from, well, such as are vulnerable to the “maidenly vapors.”

Sullivan today writes:

But this degree of shoddy journalism is inexcusable. It’s a good test for the new ombudsman. Email Dan Okrent . . . and demand a correction[,] but more importantly [sic] an explanation for the doctored quote. [Ed.: Emphasis added.] Someone somewhere at the Times looked at the original statement and consciously truncated it to alter its meaning [-]- in the lead story on the front page of the Sunday New York Times. Then they spun and distorted the rest of the piece to fit. Who will be held accountable?

Give Sullivan some credit here. Amid his characteristic and unbearably tiresome display of `roid rage, the former Times columnist cleverly included what I think can only be interpreted as a not-too-subtle jab -- “doctored quote” -- at fellow right winger Charles Krauthammer. (What’s that about? Play nice, boys!)

Yes, the same Krauthammer who not even three weeks ago doctored a quote from former Vermont governor and Democratic presidential candidate Dr. Howard Dean, a doctoring about which Sullivan as yet has written absolutely nothing, and a doctoring for which no one, least of all Dr. Krauthammer, has been held accountable.

Could someone get Michael Getler on the phone? Tell him Andrew Sullivan is calling.

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