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Thursday, December 18, 2003  

No, Nothing So Noble As That
But a Potential Blockbuster Thriller

“I had this awesome dream last night. Let me tell me about it.”

No two sentences, combined, are more certain to lead me to roll my eyes in boredom than those quoted above.

Don’t tell me your dreams. I’m not listening if you do.

Snarky as that is, I’ll ask you to read this.

The other day, while napping in the afternoon, at which time I found myself in that really scarily deep, napping dream-space that borders on a coma, I had a truly amazing dream, a great story, presenting itself in clear terms as a veritable pre-outlined, pre-treatmented screenplay for a blockbuster thriller.

Okay, so a good friend of mine was killed in the dream, possibly by her future husband. Who cares? It’s a potential blockbuster thriller!

I woke up shaking, the dream was so disturbing.

And after I was done shaking, I scribbled down as much as I could remember about the dream. I mean, it’s a potential blockbuster, after all.

Then I called my mother, who’s read about every thriller ever written, and a friend who has seen about every thriller ever shown, the calls an effort to confirm the story hasn’t been told already.

Their appreciation for the plot and its intertwining conflicts duly noted, I set down to work.

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