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Saturday, December 20, 2003  

Blogging, Bloggers, Blogs, and Blumenthal

It’s official: Blogging has taken over my life. Not just in terms of how I spend many days, and not only with respect to what I think about over the course of a given day, or how I react to news events, newspaper and magazine articles, and the everyday incidents in my life.

Now blogging and bloggers have taken over my social life, such as it is, or at least they did so last weekend.

I had lunch Sunday with the “Archbishop Katerina,” who used to write a weblog called Goblin Queen. Brilliant, insightful, charismatic. Everything I would have imagined, and more. (And yeah, enough with you Dan Savage.)

Later that same day I met Atrios and the far more charming and personable Mrs. Atrios, along with the gregarious and talkative Susan Madrak of Suburban Guerrilla, for drinks and then dinner.

For those who were following us on a hunt for Sidney Blumenthal, I think we pulled away from you halfway between the bar (Bump) and the restaurant (Little Fish). Sorry about that mishap. I told the cabbie to make a left without signaling. “My bad,” as they say. Hope you’re okay!

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