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Sunday, December 14, 2003  

I Can Make or Break You

We bloggers, who are viewed as either “blowhard[s], any old varmint[s], pipsqueak[s], [and] half-wits,”* or “freewheeling and full of attitude,” take our victories and accomplishments where we can.

With that in mind, I’m putting all authors on notice: I can make you or break you.

How so? Well, on Thursday I wrote favorably about three books -- The Speed of Light, The Meaning of Everything, and The Professor and the Madman -- and within two days at least one copy, and as many as five (!) copies, of each book was purchased from through links provided by Rittenhouse.

Pretty impressive, huh? Now just imagine how many copies were purchased through other means! It’s gotta’ be a whole lot, dontcha’ think?

So, yes, authors, I can make you or break you, if only at the rate of one copy of one book at a time.

Authors, editors, and publicists seeking my mailing address may click here.

(* Norah Vincent. Published after her failed foray into the blogosphere.)

[Note: Reports to me from reveal which items Rittenhouse readers have purchased through links from this site, but the identity of the buyers cannot in any way be determined.]

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