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Monday, January 26, 2004  

And About That Other Tape

I finally broke down and decided to take a look at the tape of Howard Dean’s post-Iowa caucus campaign rally, something I told myself I wouldn’t do. In fact, I looked at and listened to a few different versions, some longer than others.

For what it’s worth, and that’s precious little, count me among those who think this is all much ado about nothing. Viewed in the context of the day’s events, the rigors of the months leading up to that moment, and the rampant energy and excitement of his supporters, Dean’s scream, while unorthodox, does not fall into the category of character flaw or whatever it is the punditocracy is trying to slime on him.

Meanwhile, the pig pile continues, with Weird Michelle Malkin, in today’s Philadelphia Daily News, referring to the incident as “Howard Dean going ape-wild.”

The far more interesting video clip on the web right now is at The Smoking Gun. It shows President George W. Bush at a 1992 wedding reception -- six years after he allegedly stopped drinking -- in what appears to be an inebriated state and throwing back what looks like a glass of whiskey. Not to be missed.

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