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Friday, January 23, 2004  

Don’t Look for a Link

What a shame. Really.

I see my next-door neighbor, the one who refers to me as “that uptight straight guy next door,” has placed on his front door a promotional poster for the “Blue Ball,” the next spot on the gay party circuit for 2004, the main event of which will be held next weekend at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

Have fun, my fabulous non-friend.

Much as I dislike this incredibly insecure and unbearably steroidal guy, and based on his bizarre assessment of me I assume the feeling is, for other reasons, mutual, I feel sorry for him.

I fell into the same alluring trap a decade ago, and I am still dealing with the consequences of my stupidity. And I am far from alone in that. This nonsense, fun as it seems at the time, is destructive, wasteful, and dangerous. If you haven’t already been caught up in the cult -- and there truly is no other word for it -- get out of it, and get off of it, while you still can.

I know, I’m being uncharacteristically vague here. Please allow me this, for I believe those to whom this message is truly directed will know of what I speak.

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