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Friday, January 02, 2004  

Objectivism and Judaism, or Anti-Semitism, Together at Last

The last time I was led by my fellow bloggers to read the uninformed and unworldly drool of one Amber Pawlik I found her attributing lesbianism to wanton heterosexual promiscuity -- and doing so without providing any scholarly support whatsoever -- in a purported cause-and-effect relationship that would be a shocking, to say nothing of risible, revelation to virtually every single lesbian I’ve ever known in my life.

Hopping around the blogosphere today I happened to hit World O’ Crap, where I learned Pawlik, an “objectivist,” though one who is happy to set aside her rigid “philosophical” constructs in order to secure a degree from the (heavily) taxpayer-supported and state-subsidized Pennsylvania State University, has not missed the ridicule to which she has been subjected by her intellectual superiors, including TBogg, Pandagon, Roger Ailes, Sadly No, and the aforementioned World O’Crap.

Pawlik, steeped in the wisdom dispensed for the ages through such ponderous tomes as Atlas Shrugged, and one would suppose, a rigorous scholar of several thousand years of Jewish history, recently doodled a few notes for a site called MensNewsDaily in which she drew the rather startling, but to her no doubt obvious, connection between “objectivism” and Judaism. (See “My New Nickname,” December 29.)

Pawlik writes:

Besides “Rebam,” which is a nickname my uncle gave to me when I was a young girl, a new nickname for me seems to float around various blogs that like to diss [sic] yours truly: “Ayn Randian Princess.” [Ed.: Atrocious sentence structure in original.] Frankly, I like it! But notice something. You could easily change “Ayn Randian” to “Jewish American” and you have exactly the reason why these people, and so many others, hate me. Indeed, Objectivism and American Judaism have a lot in common. Keep in mind I’m not critiquing [sic] this; o’ [sic] contraire[,] I like it. Some common themes [sic] includes [sic] rational self-interest, materialism, [and] capitalism. All things yours truly likes. So, it is fitting that young Objectivist female me, who writes on [sic] dating, sex, femininity, masculinity, etc., gets called an “Ayn Randian Princess,” which were I Jewish, and I am not, would turn into, well, you know.

It’s not clear what Pawlik is trying to pull here, except to shield herself from rampant criticism by cowering behind the entirely unjustified, unwarranted, and irrelevant charge of anti-Semitism.

This canard is absurd on its face. It is all the more offensive when Pawlik’s own remarks, quoted above unaltered except for a few editorial hints, carry more than a whiff of anti-Semitism. At the very least, the comments would spark a guarded reaction by any reasonably informed person.

Pawlik may think the incoherent, discordant, and muddled collection of Maoisms that constitutes “objectivism” represent deep philosophical thought. Those who know better object -- yes, object -- to her blithe, facile, and ignorant -- yes, ignorant -- equation of selfishness, materialism, and greed with so great and noble a religious tradition as Judaism, and by extension, with its adherents.

Over to you, Max.

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