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Monday, January 05, 2004  

Editing, Job Hunting, and Bill Paying

Readers, be advised there will be light posting ahead.

This week I am working on a freelance editing assignment.

I’m editing a book. An entire book.

Okay, not editing editing, but performing a necessary editorial function for the entire book.

It’s pretty cool. And when I’m done I will know more about the late 20th century literature of a certain European country than I would have thought possible.

Meanwhile, I’m pleased today’s calendar finally reads January 5. That means all of the holiday stuff is over, including potential employers’ vacation time and long weekends. Maybe, just maybe, the job market will begin to improve soon. At the very least, perhaps people will again take my phone calls or even read my resumé.

Alas, bills take no holidays. Rent is due today, my potential housemate situation fell through, and time is running out.

I’m trying not to think what The Rittenhouse Review and TRR: The Lighter Side of Rittenhouse will become if and when written not from Philadelphia but instead from a posh, but far too quiet, resort town in New York. Frankly, I would rather not know. I hate to ask, but if you have thought about hitting the tip box but yet have not, please consider doing so today.

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