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Wednesday, January 21, 2004  

Yglesias on Pickler

Nice work if you can get it and he can do it.

Young -- oh so young -- Matthew Yglesias of Matthew Yglesias and a writing fellow at the American Prospect does a nice job at the latter of Nit Picklering Associated Press reporter Nedra Pickler.

It’s all good, but I like the last sentence best (I usually am hesitant to blog the last sentence of anyone’s work, but in this case, I can’t help myself.): “One of Pickler’s colleagues in the AP’s Washington bureau tells the Prospect that Pickler is on the road reporting and thus unavailable for comment -- but didn’t mention that in 2003, journalists carry cell phones when they travel.”

The kid’s going places. Yglesias, I mean. Not Pickler.

Still, the nagging question I have about Pickler is who’s supervising her? Who reviews her copy? Anyone?

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