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Thursday, January 22, 2004  

Andy and the Republicans

This is just too precious. The inimitable -- and I mean that -- Andrew Sullivan hits the blog with praises for the fringistas who comprise the Log Cabin Republicans for opting not to endorse Sullivan’s beloved President George W. Bush “after his pandering to the far right in his State of the Union,” the same “pandering,” you may recall, that Sullivan went out of his way to emphasize did not include backing the federal marriage amendment.

“Good for LCR,” wrote the Princess of Provincetown. “Their new leader, Patrick Guerrerio,” he continued, “is one of the most decent and skilled political leaders I know. He will take some flak for this, but it matters. The president must know that dressing up discrimination in ‘tolerant’ language is still discrimination.”

Does that mean the Log Cabin Republicans have ditched Rich Tafel, easily the most socially encumbered man with the worst table manners I have met in my life? (Invitation to dinner with Tafel? All I can say is, bring an umbrella.)

Regardless, despite his own eagerness to jump the gun, Sullivan later is all too happy to report that the New York Times, the newspaper that fired him a while back -- and may I just say, “Get over it, pal!”? -- and the very same paper he decided was worthy enough to warrant his blog post without an independent confirmation, “got it wrong.”

According to Sullivan, the right-wing gay Republicans haven’t yet decided whether or nor to endorse the President’s reelection campaign.

Oh, so that’s, what? Really wise of them? Rather sudden change of heart, wouldn’t you say, old chap?

What are we supposed to think? For a chance to try to slime a former employer Andy casts aside a brief moment of principle?

And where are we now with all of this?

I know, I know! While the fringistas are led, in Andy’s own words, by one of the “most . . . skilled political leaders” he knows, the group still cannot come up with the gumption, the intelligence, the rationality, to say to President Bush: “The hell with you, man!”

How brave. How daring. How admirable.

How pathetic.

[Post-publication addendum (January 23): Wait, I just figured it out. For a couple of years friends, former colleagues, and correspondents have suggested that Sullivan’s bizarre political postures resulted from his unfulfilled desire to win an appointment in the Bush administration, preferably, I was told, as a speechwriter. Well, as you know, no such luck, background checks being what they are. But just lately I’ve been thinking, what would Andy want more? Something better than being a speechwriter for a monkey with sub-species intelligence? I know, I know! An op-ed columnist for the New York Times! Why didn’t I think of this before? No wonder he’s so angry that Howell Raines sent his beary ass packing.]

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