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Monday, January 05, 2004  

Columnist Suggests Libel

Philadelphia Daily News columnist and thin-skinned mayhem-seeker Ronnie Polaneczky writes, in response to “Go Wild!” (TRR: The Lighter Side of Rittenhouse, December 30):

wow - that’s a stretch

You wrote that I want “Mayhem and beer.” [Ed: Quotation marks added by Polaneczky. That exact phrase was not employed by me.

Did I say mayhem AND BEER? Where did I write that?

You wrote that I want “Free-flowing beer for everyone.”

I do? Where did I write that?

And that I don’t care about “No public restrooms along Broad Street?”

Wha...? What are you talking about?

You wrote that “Polaneczky wants everybody to get all rowdy and stuff. And head for the nearest alley when nature calls, as it inevitably does under such conditions: over and over and over again.”

I want people to pee in the alleys? Where did I write that?

I haven’t figured out if your references to my column are libelous or not, but they sure are stupid and inaccurate. Re-read the column. [Emphasis added.]

And, no, I don’t live near Broad Street. But I live right off the Parkway, and my front yard becomes a zoo every July 4th and for every single parade/festival/fireworks event on the Parkway that is ever scheduled. So what. We just deal with it. And the ones who don’t want to deal with it eventually move to the burbs, as is their right. Everyone has their preferences.

Ronnie P.

I’ll leave it to readers to decide for themselves whether I accurately captured the spirit of Polaneczky’s article, “Revive the Vibe of Mayhem at Parade,” which may be read in its entirety online.

As for me, I suggest she is the one who needs to “re-read the column.”

[Post-publication addendum: Seeking counsel.]

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