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Sunday, January 18, 2004  

Don't Bother Calling

Today's the day. The day the Philadelphia Eagles may, and I hope and pray will, after having beaten some ragtag group of nobodies from one of those cracker states, one of the Carolinas, I think, win the National Football Conference championship for the first time in more than 20 years.

Local coverage from today and yesterday:

"Birds May Need Man Who'll be Missing," by Bob Brookover
"He’s Always an Adventure," by Bob Brookover
"Kalu Avoiding Distractions This Year," by Bob Brookover
"We Have an Announcement: Go, Birds!," by Mensah M. Dean
"Eagles Have Some Extra Fans," by Larry Eichel
"Ailing Davis Returns to Practice Field," by Frank Fitzpatrick and Bob Brookover
"In Brief Span, the Panthers Have Gone From Contentious to Contenders" by Frank Fitzpatrick
"Make History or Be History," by Bob Ford
"His Dream: Finish Championship Run," by Ashley McGreachy Fox
"At City Hall, Fans Were Psyched," by Dan Geringer
"Happy to be Here, Panthers Still Want More," by Mike Kern
"Birds Making a Living Guarding the Red Zone," by Bill Lyon
"Eagles Prepare to Try Again," by Bill Lyon
"Ahem . . . About Those Uniforms," by Jim Nolan
"Can't Call this 'Wall of Fate' Fickle," by Jim Nolan
"Holding Up Under Stress," by Dana Pennett O'Neill
"Parties Won't Ignore the Game," by Ronnie Polaneczky
"It's on Them," by Phil Sheridan
"Big-game Threat," by Stephen A. Smith
"Survivor in AFC Will Win Super Bowl," by Stephen A. Smith

Fellow Philly blogger Adam Bonin will, I assume, be watching from his fabulous season-ticket seats at Lincoln Financial Field. Don't you just hate him? Just for this, I mean. Forget the thriving law career and the incredibly (and deservedly) successful novelist wife. And Lucy. Don't forget Lucy. (And Wendell. Mildred said make sure to mention Wendell. He's a little guy.)

Me? Look for me either at a local tavern or, more likely, listening at home on the radio. (No TV here at Rittenhouse.)

By the way, if you telephone me between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. this evening, forget about getting an answer.

Oh, and I think the Colts are playing the Patriots. Maybe today. Soon anyway. Who cares, except to the extent the outcome affects the Eagles? Wait, one of my brothers-in-law cares, which is basically the same as saying, well, nobody.

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