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Sunday, January 18, 2004  

What Are You Paying For?

You know, you would think that for a coffee mug or a tote bag -- Oh, wait, doesn’t hand out such gratuities during his extended-Provincetown-vacation-and-one-would-presume-tax-basis-induced-hiatus-on-Cape-Cod -- one would get, for one’s trouble, to say nothing for one’s purely capitalistically hard-earned pounds dollars, at least something, say, perhaps, dependable and reliable access to the web site where such drool is spittled on a regular basis.

Sorry, no. We are, after all, talking about Andrew Sullivan, the purported pugilist and Princess of Provincetown, who on January 17 wrote:

PROFUSE APOLOGIES: I’m immensely sorry this site experienced [a] complete meltdown over the last day or so. I’m not a techie, but essentially our server exploded and our server company didn’t have a back-up [sic] available[,] and needed to order a spare part, which took a day. 2004 [sic] has been jinxed. We’ve had sluggish, slow service for two weeks, then this. And the flu. We haven’t even had [sic] any reliable stats since before Christmas. It’s frustrating for you and infuriating for me. We’re working hard to make sure this won’t ever happen again. But there were no dirty tricks and no hacking -[-] just horrible luck and miserable service. I’m sorry again. Stay tuned for what should be a memorable week -[-] from Iowa nail-biting to another array of big spending special interest projects from the [P]resident on Tuesday.

Yeah, you know, “guns blazing” and all that Sullivanesque marriluacho crap.

Okay, so my gut, like yours, says, “What a friggin’ jerk.”

Oh, and don’t miss Sullivan’s continuing, and continuinly despicable, attempts to smear the good name and good reputation of the good Joshua Marshall. Pathetic. Truly pathetic. Sullivan v. Marshall? Sorry, Sullivan, no contest.

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