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Friday, February 20, 2004  

Lou Peluso on Michelle Malkin

Lou Peluso of Philadelphia writes to the Philadelphia Daily News in response to syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin’s deranged adoration of guns, rifles, and all the men associated with firearms. (Uh, Dr. Freud, please call your office, Dr. Freud.)

An excerpt from Peluso’s letter, published today:

Michelle Malkin, the news media’s plastic centerpiece for the right-wing midgets of the NRA, asks, “Isn’t it time for gun-owning entrepreneurs, tourists[,] and voters to take their business elsewhere?”

That sentiment, if spoken by some liberal, would most likely be termed “treasonous” by Ms. [sic] Malkin.

But such name-calling is expected from our little Ms. [sic] Malkin -- we’ve come to expect that from her. It’s time she got out of that room of mirrors and entered reality. Life isn’t as black-and-white as is her clouded perception of reality.

Ouch. A well deserved ouch.

Somebody get that man a blog!

[Note: Michelle Malkin is married, presumably with the full and complete blessing and recognition, respectively, of both church and state, to one Jesse Malkin. I can only assume, based on her past “work,” that she would prefer the honorific “Mrs.,” perhaps in that most traditional of appelations, one I intend not here to disparage, “Mrs. Jesse (Michelle) Malkin.”]

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