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Saturday, February 21, 2004  

Or Not

“The Boondocks,” the indispensable comic strip produced by Aaron McGruder, this week took up the theme “Most Embarrassing Black People,” affording the cartoonist and his readers yet another opportunity to have some fun at the expense of Michael and Janet Jackson, along with a certain “R. Kelly,” a frequent and recurring McGruder target.

Although I’ve been reading “The Boondocks” since, well, a long time, this morning I finally decided it was high time I learned exactly who this R. Kelly person is.

So, as you might expect, I “Googled” him.

It turns out R. Kelly is somehow involved in the music business. As to his importance within, and influence upon, said business, I still have no idea. Why he so ticks off McGruder, I also still have no idea. I guess McGruder’s word is good enough for me, though I’m at least a little curious.

Clueless about popular music again. Or still. Probably forever.

[Post-publication addendum: Already the Fighting Democrat, more popular-culturally aware than I, writes to advise: “Google R. Kelly and molest.” Okay. I can do that. Oh. Well that’s a whole new ballgame.]

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