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Wednesday, February 11, 2004  

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Paula Zahn

Every blogger finds his referral log interesting, not only in that it reveals the weblogs or web sites that are bringing to him the most traffic, but also, as many bloggers have noted, the interesting searches, by way of Google, Yahoo, AOL Search, or whatever, that sent web surfers his way.

I know I’m in good company in this respect, as I check my log now and then, with a keen eye, when I’m in the mood, toward scrutinizing those arriving here from various search requests.

This morning one in particular caught my eye: “Paula + Zahn.”

Paula Zahn?

I barely know who she is.

I remember CNN colleagues referring to her as one of their “serious” journalists, remarks, frankly, that during my initial affiliation with the “network” I mistakenly thought, later to my chagrin, were either inside jokes or some sort of cultish appreciation of nothingness.

I couldn’t conceive this morning of The Rittenhouse Review actually having taken notice of Zahn, for any reason whatsoever, but, as a Google search reveals, I actually did here mention Zahn, once, and in passing, and that only by way of a quote from the New York Review of Books.

So, hey, thank you referral log. Without that, I never would have known.

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