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Sunday, February 22, 2004  

Philadelphia Inquirer: February 22, 2004
Stuff Worth Reading

ON CURRENT CONTROVERSIES:Union to Union,” an op-ed on marriage by Kermit Roosevelt III. . . . “Study: Great Barrier Reef Could Collapse by 2100,” an article from Reuters about damage to the reef possibly the result of global warming. . . . “Specter, Toomey Differ Sharply on Issue of ‘Pork’ in Politics,” by Patrick Kerkstra, sparking the question, Has Rep. Pat Toomey (R) forgotten he wants to represent Pennsylvania in the U.S. Senate? We live for pork here. Sometimes it seems like our only hope. (Just kidding.)

ON “THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST”:Gibson’s Gethsamane,” by Steven Rea, an interview with the film’s director, Mel Gibson. . . . On the same subject: “‘Passion’ Stirs Fervor,” by Jim Remsen, the paper’s faith life editor, on the response of religious groups to the film’s upcoming release; “When Sacred Goes Cinematic, Passions Flare,” by Carrie Rickey; and “Historically, Jesus’ Crucifixion Still a Mystery,” by Peter Enav (Associated Press).

ON CRIME: Mourning Yet Another Youth,” by Leslie A. Pappas, on the murder of Raymond Dawson, 18, Philadelphia . . . “Changes Sought in Witness Relocation,” by Thomas Ginsberg, addressing the “lack” of witnesses generally, and to the murder of Faheem Thomas-Childs, specifically. . . . Likewise, “Among Fearful Witnesses, a Forced Silence,” by columnist Tom Ferrick Jr.

ON STEEL: Dreams Replace Steel’s Nightmare,” by Diane Mastrull, on what to do with abandoned steel mills in Bethlehem, Pa. . . . Also by Mastrull, “Pittsburgh Steel Mills Remade into Malls.”

ON LIFE AND WORK: Towers Wouldn’t Just Alter Skyline,” by Henry J. Holcomb, on the latest developments in Philadelphia’s skyscraper wars (it’s about a lot more than architecture). . . . “Happy to Give Away Millions,” by Patricia Horn, on efforts by local philanthropists Gerry and Marguerite Lenfest to unload an excess of $1 billion. . . . “Cooking Up a New Career,” by Caitlin Francke, on a reporter’s foray into the culinary arts. . . . “Expiring Before Retiring,” by columnist Karen Heller, on working until you die. . . . “Before Lent’s Fast, the Fastnacht,” by Rick Nichols, on baking German doughnuts for Shrove Tuesday at Haegele’s in the Mayfair neighborhood. . . . “A Small-scale Powerhouse Hits 100-year Mark,” by Edward J. Sozanski, on the centennial of the Reading Public Museum, Reading, Pa.

ON SPORTS: St. Joe’s Remains Perfect,” by Ray Parrillo, on the victory of St. Joseph’s University men’s basketball over local rival Temple University. . . . “Hawks Close in on Big Five History,” by Don McKee.

[Note: Thanks to reader R.Y. for correcting my misassignment Rep. Toomey's party affilication. He's a Republican, not a Democrat. The text above has been corrected.]

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