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Thursday, February 19, 2004  

Yellow? Orange? Brown? Black?

Reader C.P. writes:

I was at the Rittenhouse website this morning and saw no terror alert status report.

How can I prepare for the day without knowing?

My apologies, C.P.

Rest assured, if you can: The nation’s terror alert status remains Yellow.

Can you say that? Yellow.

I believe that means “elevated.”

Can you say that? Elevated.

And I say all this knowing you, C.P., live in a small city that ranks kind of not so high on the list of terrorists’ potential hit sites, and that nonetheless, or rather therefore, military and civil authorities in your area should be as well prepared as those in such places as Washington and New York, and therefore are free, or obligated, to incur any and all necessary related expenses, payment by whom it is not for us to ask.

The truth is that thankfully, I guess, we have been on Yellow alert status for quite some time and, as a result, I was starting to run out of appropriate photographs.

I’ll do better going forward knowing you, and who knows how many others, are relying on Rittenhouse to prepare your day, each and every day.

[Post-publication addendum: See new terror alert color status report at right.]

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