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Thursday, February 19, 2004  

On Thursday for a Change

Let’s skip the Washington Post column (“Girls Night Out: The True Joy of ‘Sex’,” pretty self-explanatory anyway, done 100 times already) and go straight to the videotape.

Lloyd Grove writes in today’s New York Daily News:

Buzz-zzzzzz: I’m told that [sic] the ratings slide of Queen of Buzz Tina Brown’s weekly CNBC talk show is Topic A among the chattering class. According to figures released yesterday, last Sunday’s 8 p.m. installment of “Topic A With Tina Brown,” featuring Miramax chief Harvey Weinstein as the guest, drew only 20,000 viewers -- a 67% plummet from the previous Sunday’s debut and a rating so low that it barely registers on the buzz-o-meter.

Typically Tina, that: thinking anyone cares what her business associate Weinstein thinks about anything.

You know, there are blogs, though not this one, that consistently draw more “viewers” than Brown’s “program,” and these blogs are “on” every day, not just once a week.

(Thanks to reader A.E. for the Daily News tip.)

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