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Friday, March 19, 2004  

Watch the Mailbox!

When one sets up a wish list at one has the option or the ability to avoid seeing whether anyone has purchased something on one’s behalf.

Something about not spoiling the surprise and all.

I know I shouldn’t look, but occasionally I check, if only because, at heart, I’m still the little boy who can’t wait for Christmas morning. (Just ask my longsuffering parents.)

I sneaked a peak this evening, and all I can say is, “Wow!”

I’ve got four books and a DVD headed my way. I can’t wait, particularly since all of the purchased items are very much desired and needed.

When I first set up the Wish List I assumed I would never learn the identities of the givers. This was not correct. When the books or other merchandise arrive the giver and his or her address is provided, offering an opportunity for the recipient (that would be me), to send a tasteful and gracious thank-you note.

And I do, or I will, with respect both to gifts already sent and those on the way. (I’m running a little behind with my thank-you notes, including those related to gifts through, where, of course, donations are still and always needed and apreciated).

So, in advance, I say thank you. I love getting stuff in the mail; particularly stuff I really need, both for personal edification and for my growing collection of writing projects.

You people are the best.

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