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Thursday, March 18, 2004  

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Do your ever use, or at least remember, the phrase, “POW”?

I mean that in the acronym’s less honorable or horrific sense, referring here not to “prisoner of war,” but rather to “piece of work,” as in, “My Aunt M. [or My Aunt A., fully interchangeable the two] is a real ‘POW.’”

Now where was I going with this?

Oh, I remember now.

This particular fly-by-night doesn’t exactly qualify as a POW, but instead falls into the category of POC, or “piece of crap” -- no offense, of course, to one of my favorite blogs, World O’ Crap -- this classification resulting from’s inability for more than 36 hours and counting to accept almost any changes whatsoever to the Rittenhouse template, including its maliciously truncated sidebar.

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