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Wednesday, March 31, 2004  

And Siegfried & Roy

I’ve never been exactly clear regarding Penn & Teller. Frankly, I’ve long thought they were some kind of magic act or something, a notion I think was caused by confusion in my mind between Penn & Teller and Siegfried & Roy, but the latter aren’t really magicians either, are they? Or are they?

I don’t know. Either way, my pop-culture awareness being what it is -- namely, severely limited -- Penn & Teller have passed in and out of my consciousness over the years without leaving any indelible impression. The fact that I’ve never seen P&T perform anywhere, live or broadcast or taped, is, among other things, to blame. I admit I haven’t sought them out.

But an article in today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, “Expect Fur to Fly Over Penn & Teller Show,” by Jonathan Storm, who I always thought was a weatherman, has me itching to catch their latest performance, tomorrow, at 10:00 p.m. on Showtime.

According to Storm, P&T will be “taking on” (nod to the unbearably talented Tracy Ullman) Peta, the “animal rights” freaks who I’ve long known aren’t who you think they are.

I can’t wait.

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