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Thursday, April 08, 2004  

InstaLinker Lies Again

Let’s clear the record.

First, I don’t read the unbearably overrated and consistently uninteresting InstaLinker (“Indeed.” “Read the whole thing.”) at all, except, that is, when his dribblings are brought to my attention by one or more readers, as they were earlier this week.

As a result of my readers’ correspondence, I read at InstaLinker’s site the following, drooled in response a recent controversy in the blogosphere:

I find de-linking [sic] campaigns dumb, even when they’re not conducted by Jim Capozzolla [sic].

Now, assuming InstaLinker in this fragment is referring to me -- I know, those dago names are so hard to get a hold of! Capozzola! Nine letters! Rehnolds! Eight letters! But he, Capozzola, is just a wop, so why bother to look it up? -- let me be perfectly clear: I have never engaged in a delinking campaign of any kind whatsoever.

Yes, eons ago, I told readers that I would no longer add to my blogroll any weblog that linked to the happily ignorant, racist, and hateful site known as “Little Green Snotballs” (LGS).

Let me be perfectly clear again: I have never delinked to any weblog already on my blogroll because it links to LGS.

In fact, and I know that word, “fact,” is troublesome to the InstaLinker, there are, to this very day, bloggers on my blogroll who linked to Little Green Snotballs way back when and who continue to link to that site today. That’s fine with me.

What InstaLinker and other purveyors of such disinformation fail to explain in such slurs, through ignorance that is either deliberate or innate, is that I no longer will add to the blogroll any blog that, expressing or engaging in its own free will, already has established a link to LGS.

One might think InstaLinker, a purported scholar of the law, would be familiar with the concept of “grandfathering,” but, alas, he apparently is not.

I would add here that I know of at least one prominent blogger, one whose weblog was grandfathered during the LGS “controversy” (a contretemps generated and sustained elsewhere and not here, for I cared far less about the matter than LGS’s rabid fans), who subsequently, publicly, vociferously, and rather painfully, disassociated himself from LGS, a stand for which I again congratulate him.

Meanwhile, InstaLinker just might want to think about slowing down, calming down, and getting the facts straight.

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